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SKU:  C&R Dual Tip Holder. The Sharp Shooter Dual Tip/Shooter Holder includes Threaded 1/4" Inlet and Two Dual 1/4" Threaded Female Discharge Openings. The entire Sharp Shooter lineup is proudly made in the USA.



*Consider Adding Optional: Downstream Bypass Chemical Injector, available in 1/2": and 3/8"  

SKU: DSBP038WINJ- W/ 3/8" Chem, Injector

SKU: DSBP012WINJ- W/ 1/2" Chem, Injector

Sharp Shooter Dual Tip Holder 1/4" Inlet -Two 1/4" Discharge Openings

SKU: C&R Dual Tip Holder
2–4 Week availability- Pre-order at Today's price

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