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SURFACE CLEANERS carries a selection of commercial-grade pressure washer surface cleaners to blast away dirt and grime off concrete and asphalt.  We carry the most reliable brands such as Whisper Wash, Hammer Head, and Viper.  Our staff is highly experienced and here to help with any questions you may have for your flat surface cleaner needs.

    Which Surface Cleaner Size Is Right For Your Pressure Washer?

    To avoid potential issues, it’s extremely important to match the flat surface cleaner size to your pressure washer GPM. It’s recommended to use a 12”-20” surface cleaner with a 4 GPM pressure washer, a 24”-30” cleaner with a 5-8 GPM pressure washer, and 31”+ for pressure washers 9 GPM and above.

    • 12” - 20” Surface Cleaners

    • 24” - 30” Surface Cleaners

    • 31”+ Surface Cleaners

    Pressure Washer Experts
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