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PART#  M400 Mondo Force 31

GMP: 6-12 GPM
PSI: 2000-4000


  • Hot or Cold Water – Max Temp 212 degrees F

  • 2,000 to 4,000 PSI

  • 6-12 GPM modified up to 20 GPM

  • 2500 Max RPM

  • Operating Weight 33 lbs 


The 31″ Mini-Mondo flat surface cleaner is built tough wenough for the industrial demands of pressure cleaning operations. Powered by the signature design of the Dual Whisper Wash® balanced spray bar and rebuildable swivel,  provides superior cleaning performance.


The 31″ Mini-Mondo features four HD 3" Casters maximizing cleaning action and maneuverability. The frame is powder coated and constructed of stainless steel and aluminum. The powerful force of this unit is contained under the 31″ cover. A heavy duty nylon brush surrounds the cover to eliminate the hassle of overspray. Additionally, the dual shaft signature Whisper Wash® balanced spray bars rotates underneath, providing the pressure cleaning force your operation requires. Space saving design allows the 2 piece handles to seperate and reattach for easy storage.


NOTE: Add an Optional Ball-Valve Assembly to remotely alternate between surface cleaner and gun.


31″ High Quality Whisper Wash Mini Mondo Force 31” M400-Best Performance

SKU: M400 Mondo Force 31
  • Operating Parameters:

    • 2,000 to 4,000PSI
    • Cold or Hot Water 212°F Max Temp
    • 2,500 Max RPM
    • Whisper Wash Dual Signature Balanced 2 Nozzle Rotary Spray Bars:
      • Installed with four #2.0 @25° 1/4” IMeg nozzles.
    • Dimensions: 73” X 31” X 9”
    • Operating Weight: 34lbs
    • Minimum GPM 6
    • Maximum GPM 12
    • Modified up to 20 GPM


    • Quick Connection
    • Portable Breakaway Handle
    • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
    • Trigger Gun Controlled
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Cover
    • Hot or Cold Water Applications
    • Two each balanced spray bars