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Surface Cleaners Save Time! What Type is Right for Me?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

American Pressure carries a selection of commercial-grade pressure washer surface cleaners to blast away dirt and grime off concrete and asphalt. We carry the most reliable brands such as Whisper Wash, Hammer Head, and Viper. Our staff is highly experienced and here to help with any questions you may have for your flat surface cleaner needs.

Surface cleaners are an excellent means to increase efficiency and improve performance and save valuable time when cleaning most flat surfaces, such as: pool decks. patios, roofs, driveways, loading docks and many other flat horizontal surfaces.

These units minimize or eliminate any overspray typically seen when using a gun-wand on flat surfaces. Uniform spray patterns with no zebra-stripping on the surfaces are another game changer for operators.

Models range in performance based upon the pressure cleaner being used to power these devices. The pressure washer should be matched to the performance specs of the surface cleaner unit being used with the washer.

Hot water or cold-water applications, flow (GPM) and the working pressure (PSI) along with the cleaning path width are the primary considerations. Units range in diameter from 18" to 60" or more in the cover's cleaning path.

Units have two or multiple nozzles and rotating bars, depending on the units being used.

The nozzles must be properly matched to the performance of the machine being used to power these time saving additions to your arsenal.

Call our Support Team with any questions. We are ready to help! Call us at: 800-493-7692

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