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What is Soft Wash and Why is it Safe For All Surfaces?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Soft Washing is an important and safe technique to clean and treat mold and mildew on most exterior surfaces. Soft washing utilizes low pressure and minimizes or eliminates potential damage to surfaces, unlike high pressure cleaning can cause. Basically, low pressure- high volume wash down or chemical application sprayer designed for cleaning roofs, building exteriors, driveways, screen enclosures, patios, wood decks, rails, benches, fences, vinyl siding or any soft or hard surfaces to remove the source and treat the stain caused by bacteria, molds, mildews, moss, fungus, and algae when pressure washing is not feasible.

Softwash is particularly effective and safe for cleaning and treating roofs and higher elevations. Shingle and tiles roofs can be easily damaged using high pressure washing techniques. Softwash creates no erosion of shingle granules or water intrusion damage due to the low pressure and high flow. Softwash is a safe and efficient option for roofs as well as all exterior surfaces around the home, business or grounds.

Questions? We are ready to help! Call us at: 800-493-7692 Gas powered Soft Wash sprayers are a versatile, efficient and safe means to treat, clean and protect any surface: including roofs, shingles, fences, decking, siding, soffits as well as hard elevated vertical and horizontal surfaces. Units are available in a skid or a finished turnkey tank feed system with additional times saving features such as hose reels. All components are Heavy Duty and designed for Softwash applications. Constructed of contractor grade quality and ideally corrosion resistant aluminum or SS to endure the chemicals used to treat the surface and kill the fungi and bacteria that cause staining and damage to the surface.

These units allow the user to safely spray a controlled pattern of cocentrated liquid from a safe distance reach higher elevations and treat more surface area faster with maximum range and distance to quickly and safely treat the surface being treated. No need for ladders, or risk climbing on the roof surface to risk injury or damage the roof or tiles. No high pressure is used. Soft washing techniques include application of liquid chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) and other appropriate chemicals with no potential damage from high pressure to surfaces being cleaned. Rugged corrosion resistant pumps and gear reduced gas engine drive is more desirable and they are designed for continuous application of highly corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite that attack and kill mildew, mold, spores and other fungus that get imbedded on and into the surface.

Most commercial soft wash units are effective in the 8-10 GPM of water at low pressures in the 300 PSI to 500 PSI pressure range to minimize or eliminate any surface damage.

The Benefits of Soft Washing

Reduces lichen, fungus, mold, bacteria and algae accumulation and stains on the tiles, roof, deck, vertical walls and heights up to 30' or more in elevation.

  • Safely cleans, removes and treats unsightly stains from mold and mildew stains.

  • Protects your home, office or investment property from high pressure damage.

  • Performs quickly and efficiently, due to the low pressure and high-water flow.

  • Kills harmful organic molds, mildew, moss and bacteria.

  • Beautifies and preserves the useful life of your home, business or investment.

Contact our equipment experts and we will assist in suggesting the right equipment for your unique need that fits within your budget. We are ready to help! Call us at: 800-493-7692

  • Safer for the environment.

Add Optional Downstream Bypass Chemical Injector to Improve Your Softwash System

Get maximum flow, reach higher elevations and extended distances with minimal pressure loss associated with typical downstream injectors. Completely assembled and ready for use.

Quickly alternate between chemical application and cleaning with no restrictions, pressure loss or reduction of flow. An economical solution for heavy use or entry level Soft-Wash applications with your existing pressure washer.

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