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Vanguard 18hp ES

3500psi @ 5.0gpm


Introducing the all new BossJet Max
So Tough, They're Employee-Proof!


BossJet Max Sewer Jetters


Standard Features:

  • OHV Air-cooled, 4-Stroke Engine
  • Low Oil Automatic Shutdown
  • Aqua Pulse Feature
  • Premium Cat Pump
  • HD Powder-Coated 1.5" Tube Frame
  • Lock-in station for Remote Hose Reel
  • One Jetter Nozzle
  • 50' Leader Hose


PWK01 Pressure Wash Down Kit

  • Insulated Gun-Wand W/ QC Couplers
  • 4 Color Coded SS PW Nozzles W/ QC
  • Chemical Injector Assy & Nozzle W/ QC Couplers


Indoor Outdoor Jetting
The optional remote hose reel kit (available at extra cost, pictured below) lets you jet drains inside or outside with the machine operating safely outside. This kit also includes 1/4-inch jetter hose, 3 nozzles, ball valve.

BossJet Max Sewer Jetters / Vanguard 18hp ES / AM700-04

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  • What is sewer jetting?

    Sewer Jetting is the application of directed high pressure water to remove clogs, dirt, grease, and/or grime from pipes to allow them to flow freely. A Pump, along with a jetter tip to create restriction, is used to generate a pressure in some cases powerful enough to cut through concrete. Sewer Jetting is a valuable means of cleaning interior pipe surfaces at incredible speeds.

    Which Sewer Jetter should I buy?

    We sell a wide variety of Sewer Jetters / Drain Cleaning accessories and parts. The easiest thing to do is call us toll free at 800-493-7692 and tell us your situation. We'll help you pick out the right model for your needs and budget.

    What’s more important, pressure (PSI) or water volume (GPM)?

    Both PSI and GPM are very important for the optimum performance from a sewer jetter. The pressure lifts the dirt and the water volume carries it away.

    What do I do with my machine in the winter?

    If you live in a climate where it is below freezing, you will want to run pump saver antifreeze through your system before putting it to bed at night.