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Is Hot-Water or Cold-Water Pressure Washing Better?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

There are a number of variables that can make hot water or cold water a better choice for your unique cleaning tasks and the specific type of high-pressure application and surface type being cleaned. Speed and efficiency are typically improved when utilizing hot water equipment as opposed to cold water. The need for adding chemical pretreatment is minimized or may even be eliminated when using hot water cleaning equipment under certain conditions. We are ready to help! Call us at: 800-493-7692

Quality is another major consideration. There are many brands of Cold Water and Hot water machines to select from. Most dealers and manufacturers have a good-better-best approach when positioning equipment sales prices. A low price is usually indicative of low quality when comparing performance to other brands. If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't a high-quality unit, and you'll get what you pay for. All pressure washers are not created equal... Make an informed decision before you purchase a pressure washer.

Cold water pressure washers are the most popular type for many reasons. A lower initial purchase price, less maintenance and operational costs are seen. The type of cleaning applications, local weather climate, speed and performance can influence those decisions. Cold water cleaners are typically better suited to cleaning surfaces within warmer climates or when minimal surface contamination is present.

Hot water machines are more aggressive and well suited for all cleaning tasks and excel at cleaning and preparing surfaces with more challenging conditions and removal of contaminants such as, grease, adhesives, oils or petroleum residue. Hot water machines are more versatile as well and can function as cold water or hot water pressure washers.

Pressure and flow are major considerations as well. Higher water flow, (GPM) and lower pressure (PSI) are also popular methods that create less abrasion and minimize potential surface damage due to the force of using high pressures. The higher volume of water also helps in the rinsing action to allow water to shed off of the surface you are cleaning.

Hot water use is best suited for colder climates and when surface contamination requires hot water to assist in removal of any petroleum or grease residue upon the surface. Similar to how objects at home are more thoroughly cleaned using hot water verses cold water when washing and rinsing. Hot water pressure washers feature added flexibility of being utilized for both cold and hot water cleaning situations. This allows for optional cold-water cleaning when appropriate or the added benefit of adding hot water when needed.

Contact our equipment experts and we will assist in suggesting the right equipment for your unique need that fits within your budget. We are ready to help! Call us at: 800-493-7692

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