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SKU:  M5DS/3-7WSST6  Sharp Shooter M5 Twist Combo 6GPM Purple by C&R


DESCRIPTION:  Rated for 6.0 GPM Systems


*Shown W/Blue Sharp Shooter- Rated for 6.0 GPM Shooter Nozzle


Assembled Downstreaming Combo Unit With M5 Twist and Sharp Shooter by C & R is a custom-made, precisely drilled, shooter tip using forced-cone technology. Safety is extremely important, and this shooter tip design allows you to do your job effectively while firmly on the ground. Easily apply chemicals and bleach at longer distances and to elevated heights from the ground. The entire Sharp Shooter lineup is proudly made in the USA.

The M5 Twist Combo paired with the C&R Sharp Shooter, is a precisely drilled, shooter tip using forced-cone technology   Achieve more accuracy, better trajectory, longer distance, and minimize overspray atomization. Tips are constructed of lightweight, HD anodized aluminum with superior longevity.  Sharp Shooter Nozzle coupled with the reliable XJET M5 twist provides a 0 to 60 degree spray pattern and is capable of reaching 2-3 story elevations.


Featuring carefully crafted tips constructed of aluminum and fully anodized to increase longevity while remaining lightweight. These shooter tips can be used with soft wash systems, cold water machines, and hot water machines.  Each tip is custom designed for use with differ most pressure washers, dependent on your machine’s PSI and gallons per minute. The different colored tips allow easy recognition of sizes without having to dig through your toolbox.



*Consider Adding Optional: Downstream Bypass Chemical Injector, available in 1/2": and 3/8"  

SKU: DSBP038WINJ- W/ 3/8" Chem, Injector

SKU: DSBP012WINJ- W/ 1/2" Chem, Injector

Sharp Shooter M5 Twist W/ 6GPM by C&R M5DS/3-7WSST6

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