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The X-Jet sysytem is a time and money saving accessory to help get the job done faster and more effecctively.  Eliminates the need for ladders or the danger of clinbing on the roof.


Keep chemicals out of your power washer pump and sytem using a controlled and adustable spray angle with just a twist, with the XJETM5-9K nozzle! This easy to use item attaches to both your pressure washer wand and its own special X-Jet suction hose (included). As pressurized water exits your spray lance, through the X-Jet nozzle, the suction hose draws and proportions the appropriate amount of chemical from a separate tank. The mixing happens in the nozzle! Simply twist the X-Jet M5 to change spray patterns from 5° to 60°, without the need for multiple tips.


  • Maximum pressure: 3000 PSI (2000-3000 PSI optimal pressure range)
  • Maximum flow: 3.5 GPM and up (optimal flow rate is 3.0-3.5 GPM)




  • Versatile Cleaning with Customizable Spray Patterns: The variable spray pattern of the X-Jet M5 ranges from 0 to 60 degrees, allowing you to clean any surface with ease.


  • Cleaning Solution Mixing for Optimal Cleaning Results: The X-Jet M5 comes with a 15-color coded proportioner set and a 15ft hose assembly with an inline shut off valve and tank screen filter, making accurate cleaning solution mixing effortless. Clean like a pro with optimal cleaning results.


  • Efficient Cleaning with Easy Switching between Soaping and Rinsing: The X-Jet M5 allows you to switch between soaping and rinsing with a simple turn of the inline shut off valve, making the cleaning process faster and more efficient. Get the job done quickly with minimal effort.


  • Safe and Convenient Cleaning from the Ground: The X-Jet M5 allows you to wash surfaces from the ground, reaching heights of up to 40ft or more, depending on your machine's specifications. With no need for ladders or lifts, you can clean high places with confidence. (The higher the GPM the higher the reach expected)


  • Optimal Pressure Washing Experience with External Injection: The X-Jet M5 bypasses all of your equipment and draws the cleaning solutions from a pail rather than those solutions going through any part of your pressure washer (Hoses, spray guns, lances, quick connects, etc). Your equipment investment is protected by using an X-Jet Nozzle to apply cleaning solutions.




  • 15 foot X-Jet Suction Hose with hose barb
  • Twist-adjust M5 nozzle for spray patterns between 5° and 60°
  • Quick connect plug
  • 15-piece color coded proportioner tip set
  • Shut off ball valve
  • Mushroom strainer


Additional specifications:


  • Fully adjustable spray patterns
  • Maximum pressure: 3000 PSI (2000-3000 PSI optimal pressure range)
  • Maximum flow: 3.5GPM (optimal flow rate is 3.0-3.5 GPM)
  • Maximum temperature: 190° F
  • Inlet: 1/4" quick connect plug
  • Chemical port: 1/8" MPT x 3/8" hose barb
  • Projects chemicals up to 40 feet or more depending on pressure washer
  • Apply soap and rinse with same nozzle - just remove chemical suction tube
  • Great for power washing houses and other residential pressure washing tasks!
  • Weight: 4 lbs. 
  • X-Jet item #XJETM5-9K


X-Jet M5#9 | 3-3.5 GPM | Adjustable Long-Range External Injection Variable XJet

SKU: X-Jet M5#9